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Can you tell me some Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC machines?
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Advantages: The various advantages of CNC machines are as follows:

  • The CNC machines are easier to program.
  • Can produce parts need High Repeatability and Precision, e.g Aircraft parts.
  • The volume of production is very high.
  • Complex contour surfaces can be machined easily, e.g Turbines.
  • Flexibility in job change with automatic tool settings.
  • These machines produce less scrap.
  • The CNC machines give higher productivity and better quality
  • With CNC machines, there is reduction in lead times.
  • Programs can be stored easily in computer memory.
  • These machines usually generate closer tolerances than manual machines.
  • The part program can be edited at the machine tool.
  • The modern CNC machines have a technique of Tool path verification.
  • Human errors are avoided.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of implementing CNC machines are as follows:

  • CNC machines need Costly setup and require very skilled operators.
  • The knowledge of Computers and programming knowledge is required.
  • Maintenance of CNC machines is difficult.
  • CNC Machines have to be installed in air conditioned places.
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