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Can you tell me? What are the terms and conditions applying for online ISSN number?

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What are the terms and conditions applying for online ISSN number?

Due to recurrent and significant problems with online publications, the latter are not ISSN assigned ahead of publication.

  • ISSNs are assigned to online publications only after the release of the first issue, provided that this issue contains a significant number of articles. If it is considered that the first issue does not contain enough articles for being regarded as an actual and complete issue, the ISSN assignment will be deferred.
  • For all non-annual e-journals, at least 5 articles are considered as a minimum for making a complete issue. In case of annual publication(s) including journal(s), a minimum of 10 articles are required for making a complete issue.
  • There should be a minimum of five Editorial Board Members for a journal.
  • Additionally, editorial boards with complete addresses of the editorial board members including, designation, department, official/institutional email addresses of the members and full contact address of publisher with publisher name should be displayed on the journal website.
  • For International journals, the Editorial Board has to be international in scope with some of the Editorial Board members belonging to reputed institutions from abroad.
  • For scholarly journal(s), Editorial Board Members should be senior faculty members. Students, Research Fellows etc. as editorial members of scholarly journals may be avoided.
  • The journal should have a valid URL and should cover a precise subject or address a specific target audience.
  • Journal(s)/Serial(s) brought out by institutions/organizations should be linked to the institution/organization website.
  • Displaying of misleading/false information in the website will result in rejection of the application.
  • For an online publication each article should be separately hyperlinked. Uploading of Full pdf of the complete issue may be avoided.