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Nikhil Gupta, Sri Sai college of engineering and technology Badhani pathankot; Sangamdeep Singh, Sri sai college of engineering and technology Badhani /Assistant professor; Puneet Puri, Sri sai college of engineering and technology Badhani /Assistant professor


Polyester Resin, Hemp Fiber, and Sisal Fiber

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Today the use of composite material in the manufacturing field is increasing day by day. The composite material consists of two or more different forms of material. The natural fiber like sisal, hemp, jute, flax, and silk plays an important role to enhance the properties of composite material. In the present work, polyester is used with natural fiber i.e. sisal and hemp. The composite material (Polyester & Sisal fiber and Polyester & Hemp fiber) having weight percentage 90%&10% respectively. The fibers are treated with NaOH and water solution. The specimen of composite material is manufactured by hand layup method. The mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural and shear are calculated and analyzed. In this conclusion sisal is better than hemp in tensile strength, hemp is better than sisal in flexural and shear strength.

Nikhil Gupta, Sangamdeep Singh and Puneet Puri. "To Evaluate the Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Sisal/Hemp Fibers Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Resin." International Journal for Scientific Research and Development 7.6 (2019): 19-23.

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