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Hitesh Jadav , Government Engineering College ,Bhuj; Dr. Pravin P. Rathod, Government Engineering College ,Bhuj


Emission,Blend of diesel,Pyrolysis


Due to the higher energy demand, constrict emission norms and shortage in oil resources led the researchers to find alternative fuels for IC engines. Many alternatives fuels such as Alcohols, Biodiesel, LPG, CNG, etc. already have been developed and commercialized. In this context, the pyrolysis oil obtained from the waste tyre is receiving renewed interest. The properties of the Tyre pyrolysis oil was compared with the petroleum products and found that it can also be used as a fuel for diesel engine. So, tyre pyrolysis oil can be used as an alternate fuel in a diesel engine. The present paper represents the literature review for enhancing the performance and emission of the compression ignition engine for the blend of pyrolysis oil of tyre and diesel fuel.

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