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Hi everyone! Can someone tell me what are the answers of this questions?

1) Gypsum is one of the important components in a casting mold. As such they must submit:

(a) a progressively increasing section dimensioned to facilitate the flow of

b) A progressively decreasing section dimensioned to maintain the pressure of the molten liquid

c) A section that promotes turbulence to facilitate the homogenization of the alloy

d) A smooth and even section to keep the speed constant and low friction

e) A porous section to trap external contaminants

2) The time of solidification of the parts obtained by casting depends on:

a) From the volume of the part according to a direct relation

b) The part area according to an inverse relationship

c) Molding material and workpiece material

d) The initial temperature of the cast material

e) Of all the factors previously mentioned

3) In pulverometallurgy what is the process of forming with greater homogeneity of the metallic compact?

a) Uniaxial compression

b) Uniaxial compression with two punches

c) Compression by vibrating pressing

d) Compression by hot sintering

e) None of the above

4) An arc or resistance welding device is characterized by providing a current

with the following characteristics:

a) High voltage and high amperage

b) Low voltage and low amperage

c) Low voltage and high amperage

d) High voltage and low amperage

e) It depends on the other process parameters

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