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Most important general procedures about machine design. Roles of procedures in machine designing. What are the procedures to follow the rules of machine design?
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What are the general procedures in machine designing?

In designing a machine component, there is no rigid rule. The problem may be attempted in several ways. However, the general procedure to solve a design problem is as follows :

1. Recognition of need.

First of all, make a complete statement of the problem, indicating the need, aim or purpose for which the machine is to be designed.

2. Synthesis (Mechanisms).

Select the possible mechanism or group of mechanisms which will give the desired motion.

3. Analysis of forces.

Find the forces acting on each member of the machine and the energy transmitted by each member.

4. Material selection.

Select the material best suited for each member of the machine.

5. Design of elements (Size and Stresses).

Find the size of each member of the machine by considering the force acting on the member and the permissible stresses for the material used.It should be kept in mind that each member should not deflect or deform than the permissible limit.

6. Modification.

Modify the size of the member to agree with the past experience and judgment to facilitate manufacture. The modification may also be necessary by consideration of manufacturing to reduce overall cost.

7. Detailed drawing.

Draw the detailed drawing of each component and the assembly of the machine with complete specification for the manufacturing processes suggested.

8. Production.

The component, as per the drawing, is manufactured in the workshop.

When there are number of components in the market having the same qualities of efficiency, durability and cost, then the customer will naturally attract towards the most appealing product. The aesthetic and ergonomics are very important features which gives grace and lustre to product and dominates the market.

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