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Define manufacturing engineering. What is manufacturing engineering? All about manufacturing engineering. Explain complete details of manufacturing engineering. Importance and role of manufacturing engineering.
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Manufacturing Engineering is the backbone of any industrialized nation. Manufacturing and technical staff in the industry must know the various manufacturing processes, materials being processed, tools and equipment for manufacturing different components or products with optimal process plan using proper precautions and specified safety rules to avoid accidents.

Beside above, all kinds of the future engineers must know the basic requirements of workshop activities in term of man, machine, material, methods, money and other infrastructure facilities needed to be positioned properly for optimal shop layouts or plant layout and other support services effectively adjusted or located in the industry or plant within a well planned manufacturing organization.

Define manufacturing process.

The complete understanding of basic manufacturing processes and workshop technology is highly difficult for anyone to claim expertise over it.

The study deals with several aspects of workshops practices also for imparting the basic working knowledge of the different engineering materials, tools, equipments, manufacturing processes, basic concepts of electro-mechanical controls of machine tools, production criteria’s, characteristics and uses of various testing instruments and measuring or inspecting devices for checking components or products manufactured in various manufacturing shops in an industrial environment.  Do you know about welding process?

It also describes and demonstrates the use of different hand tools (measuring, marking, holding and supporting tools, cutting etc.), equipment, machinery and various methods of manufacturing that facilitate shaping or forming the different existing raw materials into suitable usable forms.

It deals with the study of the industrial environment which involves the practical knowledge in the area of ferrous and nonferrous materials, their properties and uses.

It should provide the knowledge of basic workshop processes namely bench work and fitting, sheet metal, carpentry, pattern making, mold making, foundry, smithy, forging, metalworking and heat treatment, welding, fastening, machine shop, surface finishing, and coatings, assembling inspection and quality control. You should know about general consideration for machine designing.

It emphasizes on basic knowledge regarding composition, properties and uses of different raw materials, various production processes, replacement of or improvement over a large number of old processes, new and compact designs, better accuracy in dimensions, quicker methods of production, better surface finishes, more alternatives to the existing materials and tooling systems, automatic and numerical control systems, higher mechanization and greater output.

The scope of the manufacturing engineering.

Today’s competitive manufacturing era of high industrial development and research is being called the age of mechanization, automation, and computer integrated manufacturing.

Due to new researches in the manufacturing field, the advancement has come to this extent that every different aspect of this technology has become a full-fledged fundamental and advanced study in itself. Do you know "What are the roles of machine design?"

This has led to the introduction of optimized design and manufacturing of new products. New developments in manufacturing areas are deciding to transfer more skill to the machines for a considerable reduction of manual labor.

The scope of the subject of workshop technology and manufacturing practices is an extremely wide as it specifies the need of greater care for the man, machine, material and other equipment involving higher initial investment by using proper safety rule and precautions

The through and deep knowledge in the course of study of this important subject is, therefore, becoming essential for all kinds of engineers to have a sound foundation in their profession.

Therefore the course of study of this subject provides a good theoretical background and a sound practical knowledge to the engineering students and workshop staff. One should also be aware of the following terms for a better understanding of the scope of the study.

Importance of manufacturing engineering.

Manufacturing is derived from the Latin word manufactus, means made by hand. In the modern context, it involves making products from raw material by using various processes, by making use of hand tools, machinery or even computers.

It is, therefore, a study of the processes required to make parts and to assemble them in machines.

Process Engineering, in its application to engineering industries, shows how the different problems related to the development of various machines may be solved by a study of physical, chemical and other laws governing the manufacturing process.

The study of manufacturing reveals those parameters which can be most efficiently being influenced to increase production and raise its accuracy.

Advance manufacturing engineering involves the following concepts:

    1. Process planning.
    2. Process sheets.
    3. Route sheets.
    4. Tooling.
    5. Cutting tools, machine tools (traditional, numerical control (NC), and computerized numerical control (CNC).
    6. Jigs and Fixtures.
    7. Dies and Moulds.
    8. Manufacturing Information Generation.
    9. CNC part programs.
    10. Robot programmers.
    11. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
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