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How does solar battery car work? All about solar car battery.
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Solar energy in driving cars as it is considered to be a clean and abundant source. The main application of solar cars has so far been limited to the realm of academia, a shortcoming that is due to the low specific surface energy of solar radiation in contrast to the specific energy of gasoline.

In order to achieve a comparable level of energy to gasoline, battery power is combined with solar power to drive solar-battery cars. Batteries, however, need an independent electric charging source.

In locations where solar energy is amply available throughout the year and terrains are almost flat, solar array-trailers can reduce the loading of batteries by providing renewable energy while the car is in motion or parked.

Of course, variations of solar input due to changing weather conditions affect the performance of the system. An exploration of the concept of solar-battery cars with single and double solar-array trailers was carried out in Kasti (2015). The special application subclass of solar cars aims to maximize acquired solar energy and minimize the use of battery power while the electric motor and accessories are in use.

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