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It’s a harsh reality these days that Mechanical, Civil, electrical (mainly mechanical branch) engineers are having no opportunity to get job. Let me tell you a very harsh story now.

Suppose a boy (mechanical engineering is famous for having boys-only stature ) with good enough merit secured 85–95% score in class X and XII (in WBBHSC it’s not easy to score almost 85–90%) and got a decent college. Now the drama starts. He first noticed that the college had no infrastructure. It had professors who had lack of skills to teach. Still he read with books and online materials. R.S. Khurmi, S.S Rattan, N.D. Bhatt, Timoshenko-young, P.K. Nag , even Pearson’s books helped him to secure a good enough score (let it be more than 8 points) and understand the basic fundamentals of Mechanical engineering.

Then came 4th year. He saw a darkness in his future. I.T. companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini etc are only available options for a Mechanical student! Many of his friends went there but he tried to stick with his ambition to do a job in core company. No companies were interested to give that person a job. The placement cell of the college is utter nuisance. Already 3.5 lacs to 5 lacs INR have been spent. The placement cell is reluctant to provide any support for him. Lastly only 2 companies came there providing a salary of mostly 20000–22000 INR per month. Out of “POOL CAMPUS” placement among 2000 students only 2–4 got placed. So overall out of 70 students only 4 got placed in core company and many students who had no idea of mechanical engineering got placed in I.T.industry (let the number of students be 30). So the rest of them had fought hard but they just lost their hope and all the hard-work from class X went in vain. Yes that was what exactly happened with me.

Now another reality. Some of his friends started joining Gateforum and started preparation of GATE which is not an easy exam for sure. He tried but could not score as he had no guidance due to poor economic condition. Then some of the low level students(his mechanical buddies) got placed by the source of father, mother, uncle,aunt etc. The hero of this story still continued to send resumees through email to various companies. None of them gave reply as he was a fresher; A long pause in his career and his hope.

Even if he got an opportunity from a well known company (I will NOT TELL THE NAME HERE), even after medical exam in which he passed, he was told that he was not needed.

So people here always keep saying that engineers have lack of skills. How can you be so sure about their quality when they are not even given the opportunity!!! It is really a disgusting present situation.
That’s why the engineers are lowering their status. The jobs given to a fresher are not even engineering job these days. They are paid like local call-center employees and they are compelled to work for almost 12–13 hours daily. (I have copied my answer from another same type of question.)

Edit: Thanks for upvotes to all of you. I did not write this for myself. I know that there are many heroes like me in India who are struggling like this.
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