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In my view frustration will start when we compare ourselves with others.

Eventhough mechanical students study well they don't get any core jobs. On the other side our friends who are in EEE , ECE , CSE, IT land in their own core and software jobs.This is the first reason for the frustration.

The other thing which really frustrates is “GIRL”. When ever a girl crosses our class in the corridor everyone will stare at her. This astonishment is because of lack of girls in mechanical class . On the other side our so called other branch friends will come to us and start telling about their lovestories or about their girlfriend.

Note: A mechanical guy knows the true value of a girl.

Another thing which frustrates is the lab dress( that khaki or brown ) whenever others see us in that dress they start teasing us like we are looking like a driver, mechanic or conductor.

I don't know why in every college Mechanical students are treated as rebels.

After got frustrated in all aspects when someone opens Quora just to relax even here also frustation prevails because of lack of upvotes.

Even after knowing all these things (mainly absence of girls in mechanical class) the people who still join Mechanical needs to be saluted.

Even Amarendra bahubali is also a Mechanical engineer. If you can recall in one song he will design cams , ratchet and pawl mechanism.

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