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What are the advantages and disadvantages of welding process in the field of manufacturing engineering?

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Advantages of welding:

1. Welding is more economical and is much faster process as compared to other processes (riveting, bolting, casting etc.)

2. Welding, if properly controlled results permanent joints having strength equal or sometimes more than base metal.

3. Large number of metals and alloys both similar and dissimilar can be joined by welding.

4. General welding equipment is not very costly.

5. Portable welding equipments can be easily made available.

6. Welding permits considerable freedom in design.

7. Welding can join welding jobs through spots, as continuous pressure tight seams, end-to-end and in a number of other configurations.

8. Welding can also be mechanized.

Disadvantages of welding:

1. It results in residual stresses and distortion of the workpieces.

2. Welded joint needs stress relieving and heat treatment.

3. Welding gives out harmful radiations (light), fumes and spatter.

4. Jigs, and fixtures may also be needed to hold and position the parts to be welded

5. Edges preparation of the welding jobs are required before welding

6. Skilled welder is required for production of good welding

7. Heat during welding produces metallurgical changes as the structure of the welded

joint is not same as that of the parent metal.