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Metrology word is derived from two Greek words such as metro which means measurement and logy which means science. 

Metrology is the science of precision measurement. 

The engineer can say it is the science of measurement of lengths and angles and all related quantities like width, depth, diameter and straightness with high accuracy.

Metrology demands pure knowledge of certain basic mathematical and physical principles.

The development of the industry largely depends on the engineering metrology.

Metrology is concerned with the establishment, reproduction and conservation and transfer of units of measurements and their standards.

Irrespective of the branch of engineering, all engineers should know about various instruments and techniques. 

Definition of Metrology:

Measurement is defined as the process of numerical evaluation of a dimension or the process of comparison with standard measuring instruments. The elements of measuring system include the instrumentation, calibration standards, environmental influence, human operator limitations and features of the work-piece. The basic aim of measurement in industries is to check whether a component has been manufactured to the requirement of a specification or not. 

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