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ok so this is not really a simple question, I started making a functional f/a-18 hornet 3d model more than 10 years ago and stopped a while ago because I can't work the engineering of the main landing gear, but I was just thinking I should give it a try and get some help online.

I'm attaching an image showing the landing gear, and I labeled 3 axles, so the main arm of the landing gear has a joint (1) to the extension of the arm, and a hydraulic piston for shock absorption, that connects to the main arm (2) and to the extension (3). this would be simple to reproduce if it was all planar, but everything here is angled. I tried to consider the axis 1 as parallel to the ground and the main arm as fixed position, but I still can't position the piston axles in a way that the piston action works properly. 

any ideas how could I make this work?


full size image

base model I was working

here's a video trying to explain it better:

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bumping this, one can only hope. made a video trying to explain it better:

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